This is Why I Play Online

Doing a follow up to my last blog post, why I don’t play online, I’ve found a great reason to play online. I don’t play with strangers. I don’t trust them. I figure if you’re playing a game when someone can kill you, they will. But playing with friends, absolutely.

GTA 5 is the only game I’ve spent any extensive amount of time with the online side of things. It’s for two reasons, A, I play as myself in GTA, something I’ve always wanted to do. As much as I like the 3 main characters, I’d rather play as me.

B, I play with my friends in private sessions. That’s the only way I’ll do it. We play as a team, and drive towards a common goal. We help each other succeed. It’s a good feeling. In GTA Online, you can buy houses, you can invite your friends over to hang out. You can go into first person view in cars where you’re riding together with your buddies on missions.

I live far from all of my friends. I don’t have any buddies who live walking distance from me. And we all live such busy lives, it’s nice to go online, see our virtual selves, and just hang out. It’s actually nice just driving around late at night with my friends, and the game is also night time, it’s really nice and relaxing.

It’s the bonding with friends that is what’s great about online. Especially if you can be on the same side, I hate PvP stuff. I don’t like beating or being beat by my friends.I think all online games should take a page from GTA, build a world where people can choose to play with strangers or not. We should be able to play with our friends. Play as a team, go on missions together. Give players a chance to become better friends with their friends. That’s why I play online.