Warframe: The Grind is Real

Hey, how are you? Hope all is well.

You may or may not know, I’ve added Youtube Gamer to my long list of unpaid/underpaid occupations in my day. The game I’ve been playing a ton lately is Warframe. It’s the best free to play game as far as I’m concerned. It plays better than Mass Effect Andromeda that I paid 90 bucks for. I can’t get enough.

Part of that is because I have no social life and keep grinding to get parts instead of buying the stuff. My rule is if I can get it by just playing the game, do that instead of buying. Or if it’s archwing heavy, then I will just buy it. But if I buy a bunch of the stuff, what’s the point to the game? Most of the game is about gathering items and resources to build items. Buying everything will take me out of the game.

I don’t mind grinding for relic parts, it can be tedious, but at least there’s a variety of ways to get them. I’m pretty sure you can get a relic from any node and game mode, some are just more reliable than others. I like doing defense and excavation, but there’s different ways and places to get them, so I can keep it fresh to an extent. This new Harrow Frame however has locked each part in 3 different game modes. In a way that’s great, you’re not doing the same game mode over and over for all the parts…you’ll be doing 3 game modes over and over until you get the parts.

I was lucky, I landed I think it was the neuroptic on my first go. I fluked into it, I was just doing a fissure mission right after I completed the Harrow quest and it happened. I thought, damn this is gonna be easy. But no, it turns out the other parts is dropped on rotation C, meaning you have to stick around for a few rounds before you might even get a crack at it, on missions that are annoying to play over and over again.

I don’t mind spy missions. I just don’t like the Kuva Fortress one. It’s just a stage that’s got too many scanners and large cannons for my liking. I’m just saying it’s gonna be a pain in the ass gettin er done.

The new defection mission. I like to solo the game. I don’t have a healer. Keeping these guys alive is giving me mild anxiety.

The grind for Rhino Prime wasn’t bad, Oberon Prime I’m one piece away, it’s becoming tedious at this point, I’ll buy a frame with platinum which is reasonable, but I’m not going to buy Prime Access for Oberon. But Harrow, 225 platinum, I might just buy it and save me the trouble.

Later Gator