Not Buying Prime Access

I love a good conspiracy theory, so though I’m frustrated and part of me hates it, another part of me thinks it’d be great if Digital Extremes rigged the Axi O1 Oberon Systems. A small part.

Why do I not rule it out being rigged. Cuz they’re still trying to sell the Prime Access. Make it hell to get, so the player gives up and just ponys up real money to buy the frame. I refuse to do that. I’m a firm believer in sticking to it, and getting the job done. Even if it kills me, I’m getting that damn relic to drop me my Oberon Systems.

Sure I suppose putting on my tin foil hat and claiming conspiracy might not be the most logical move. I suppose understanding RNG (Random Number Generator) is a thing. And at the end of the day it’s all up to chance. But the fact that I’ve on multiple occasions gotten the rarest part of any relic within a reasonable amount of attempts, like less than 5 and this one more than double, leaves me thinking.

Thinking that a cool Canadian gaming company has gone to the dark side is way more interesting. I wouldn’t blame them. Warframe is a free to play game, they gotta make their money somehow. I put in a bunch of money for platinum but I’ve seen so many people go on trade with no platinum, with no interest in buying some either.

But here’s the thing, I don’t want Oberon enough to actually buy him for $50. I thought about doing it for Rhino Prime, but Oberon Prime is not worth paying that type of cash for. So the grind continues, and I will keep trying to get the last piece to Oberon Prime, but I will never buy Prime Access to prevent The Man from winning yet another battle against me.

Later Gator!