No Internet, No Problem

Hey there,

how are you? Hope all is well.

Is your life directly affected by the internet? Like if the internet went down, you may as well take the day off. I’m not quite there thankfully, but it does affect me. I go on Twitter and Facebook all the time. I never get messages (other than notifications that my “friends” are doing something near me but haven’t invited me to it) but it’s a force of habit.

Twitter is great because I can check in on…well basically Tiffany Alvord, she’s pretty good at updating. I use it mostly to promote my show. I’m on there way too much.

But the other day my internet went down for at least 12 hours. And I gotta say it was kinda nice. It was nice to not go on and see what incredible things people are up to while I’m here eating a can of baked beans seasoned with my teardrops…

It was nice to not keep up to date with anything, check emails, checking the stats. It was a nice relief from the struggles of trying to be an internet entertainer. I’ve been trying for 4 years, meaning 4 years of this self placed pressure. It was nice to not deal with it for a day.

It was really good not to deal with the outside world while at home. It’s bad enough to go out there and deal with shitty people. I live in Toronto, so they’re a dime a dozen. But at least I didn’t have to deal with some racist comment on my Youtube.

More importantly, when I work I tend to get distracted with watching Youtube videos, I didn’t have the option that day. I only had music and some purchased podcasts to entertain me. No Warframe because that’s online only. Just like when I was a kid where I had an album in the background while I did my homework.

I’ve learned that sometimes it’s great maybe even necessary to unplug for the day. I don’t have vacation money, but at least I can take a break from the online world and stay in to take a break from the city.

So the next time your internet is down. Don’t freak out. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise.

Later Gator