Hate Haters

I’m not sure why, but it’s a been a rough few days running into internet trolls, haters, ass hats, whatever you want to call em. Things usually come in threes, ran into three in a few days. Maybe it’s because I’m Canadian but it baffles me when people are rude. What’s the point?

There is plenty in the world that I think is horrible. Such things like cruelty to animals, human trafficking, and just exploiting people and things that can’t defend themselves. These are causes that is worth standing up against and taking people who carry out these things to task. Video game skills or video game video content is not something one should get shitty about.

I run into plenty I don’t care for, but I pick my battles. If you are hurting someone or something, you should not be surprised if something takes exception to it. But seeing something you don’t like that’s harmless like you don’t like someone’s work on youtube or skills in a video game, I’d say just move on. At the very most hit dislike.

There’s no reason to take someone to task because they are not doing what you want them to do. Even at work if someone is slacking off, I’d talk to them. The only time they’d get taken to task is if they kept on screwing off despite being talked to a couple times. People that don’t know you and have a small sample size of you, but jump down your throat disgusts me.

Do they not understand that is another living breathing human being on the other side of that message? Like the troll will get it off their chest and go about their lives but the person on the receiving end now has to deal with being shit on. How were these people brought up to think it’s okay to operate that way?

Constructive criticism and someone spewing their venom are two different things. I can live with constructive criticism, but even then, it’s like who are you to tell me how I should do this? When I was in radio school, we were all asked to critique each other’s work. I was uncomfortable doing that. Because they shouldn’t listen to me. I’m a student learning as well. The prof needed to be the singular voice in assessing a performance. Haters spewing venom in the comments or game chat doesn’t serve their point. Who’s gonna sit down and think about the merits of a hate filled comment? It’s just destructive, not constructive.

I’m guilty of voicing my dislike of things. I did it in my latest episode of my podcast actually. I go off the wall about a band I don’t care for. But I do it for content and entertainment sake. If I couldn’t make it funny or fun to listen to, I’m not gonna do it. It’d be counter productive to the point of the show.

I was an actor, I know lots of people in show biz, I know how hard it is. Even if I don’t like their work I would never write them to let them know that. I would not send them a link to the podcast where I rip them a new one. It’s not that I’d be afraid to deal with them if I ran into them. If I don’t like their work, and they called me out on it in person, I would gladly repeat what I had to say on my podcast to their face…minus the jokes probably.

I wouldn’t let them know about it, because I don’t have a right to hurt them like that. We all have opinions and the right to these opinions. But these people don’t understand they don’t have the right to go at someone and ruin their day and make someone feel inferior. We’re all just trying to get by, all trying to do something with our lives. Haters need to learn empathy. How would they like it if someone shat all over their hopes and dreams? I hate haters, there’s no need for them.

Later Gator