Monthly Archive: July, 2018

What a Grindy Grind

If you are a fan of Warframe then you know it is a free to play game, so grinding is a part of it. I understand it’s a business, they have to make… Continue reading

Don’t Reboot Buffy

Turns out they are trying to do a new Buffy The Vampire Slayer series for a streaming service like a Netflix. But it’s not picking up from where the original series ended. They’re… Continue reading

DC Trailers batting 500

So today DC/Warner Bros dropped 2 trailers, I guess it must’ve been at San Diego Comic Con. One was Aquaman and the other for Shazam. I wouldn’t label either as horrible, and when… Continue reading

Probably Passing on DC Universe

At first glance the first photo from Titans, which to me is the headliner for the DC Universe App, looked like a cosplayer. After seeing the trailer that you can watch below, it’s… Continue reading

Warframe Cross-play some day?

It turns out not every body has a PS4. Nobody’s perfect I suppose. So when it comes to playing warframe, I play by myself because my buddies are either on PC or Xbox.… Continue reading

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