Probably Passing on DC Universe

At first glance the first photo from Titans, which to me is the headliner for the DC Universe App, looked like a cosplayer. After seeing the trailer that you can watch below, it’s not as horrible as I thought it might be. Still, it doesn’t look great. It still looks like a really solid fan-made film. For a show that is funded by a major corporation and funded by a subscription based Netflix type of service, I expect a little bit more.


Would you pay $74.99 USD or $7.99 a month to watch this? I wouldn’t, but in Canada it doesn’t matter, the service isn’t available to me. Sure there’s other shows and even an extensive comic book library, but this show and shows like it, original shows is the seller. If all their shows look like this…no thanks. Marvel movies are better than DC, Marvel Netflix shows will be better than DC Netflix-esque shows.