DC Trailers batting 500

So today DC/Warner Bros dropped 2 trailers, I guess it must’ve been at San Diego Comic Con. One was Aquaman and the other for Shazam. I wouldn’t label either as horrible, and when it comes to Aquaman, I think it could be good. I’m a little concerned with the 4 or 5 different villains I see, that it could be too much going on, but if they can streamline it enough to tell an emotional tale, there will certainly be enough action to make a good action movie.

I won’t label Shazam as this thing is gonna suck…but I don’t rule out it’s gonna suck. The trailer hasn’t wowed me enough to say I’m gonna go to the cinema to watch it, but it might be a lazy sunday Netflix thing…though with the new DC Universe app, it’ll probably appear on there and I might never see it.

Here are the trailers, make up your own mind.