Don’t Reboot Buffy

Turns out they are trying to do a new Buffy The Vampire Slayer series for a streaming service like a Netflix. But it’s not picking up from where the original series ended. They’re thinking of rebooting. Here’s Buffy again…and this time she’s black. Aren’t we amazing?!! Then everyone said no! You’re not!! We don’t want this!

So now the show runners are changing their mind. For once I back the angry mob voicing their dismay and changing policy. The head writer is now considering a new slayer.

It’s the right call. If you’re not bringing back Sarah Michelle Gellar, just do a story about another slayer. It’s built in the lore, every generation there’s a slayer. Just ret-con things if you need, because didn’t all slayers get activated at once by the end? I really didn’t care for the back 2 seasons.

By doing a spin-off and not a reboot, you can have Buffy, Angel, Spike and the gang drop in which will please the fans, rather than us being like this guy is no David Boreanaz. If they go spin-off I’m there. Reboot…I’ll just ignore it and watch the first 3 seasons of the original.