Robots Pulling at Heart Strings

On my podcast, I make fun of things I don’t like for the most part, but I want to do something different on my blog. I want to write about things I do like. Even if that’s a video game that’s been out for a while. But thanks to that fact, I got it for $13 on PSN. That game is Detroit: Become Human. Spoilers ahead.

I loved this game so much, it really was a unique experience. At least unique to Quantic Dream productions any way. Heavy Rain is easily on my top 10 list of all time favourite video games. I think they took a step or two backwards with Beyond Two Souls. It’s the reason I waited so long to play Detroit. I wanted to wait for a sale. In hindsight, this game is worth full price.

You have multiple main characters you play as and have numerous support characters some of them I learned to care about, and some I just let die to keep my main characters alive. I don’t know what it is, maybe I’m soft minded but it bothered me every time Kara lost relationship status with Alice and Markus lost some with North. At one point I was doing things that I didn’t want to do in order to gain North’s favour. It’s probably because she’s modeled after Minka Kelly and I’m only a man…a lonely, lonely man.

There’s a moment when Alice is kidnapped by the fattest, greasiest, most disgusting mad scientist you’ve ever seen and you get 10 minutes to save her. I haven’t broken a sweat like that since 9th grade gym class. There’s a shotgun in one of the rooms and I was so relieved to see it. I wasn’t going to hesitate to kill that guy and everyone in the house to save little Alice. Unfortunately, it was unloaded and I couldn’t find the bullets. I’m not sure if it’s an option, but I’ll try harder when I play it again.

The only other time I cared so much about video game characters was during Heavy Rain. But unlike Heavy Rain, I’d really like more of Detroit. I think there’s more story left to be told. And though there’s rumours that Connor might get a DLC, he’s my least favourite…in fact, I didn’t much care for him. I loved Hank, but not so much Connor. I purposely let Hank kill him at one point.

I’ll settle for DLC, but I would love a full blown sequel, with the same characters. Connor and Markus’ story is straight forward, they both have unfinished business. But maybe Kara and Alice aren’t safe after all, or maybe they work to smuggle androids across the border.

Why a sequel? Cuz even though theres’ so many possible outcomes to most of the scenarios, I feel like there’s another level they could go. Right now, I feel like there are handcuffs on me. You can only choose from what the director has decided are possible outcomes. Like at one point, we needed to steal a truck. My first instinct was to climb the fence. But that wasn’t an option. I had to find the hinge in the door. I would like a sequel where you truly had freedom to do whatever you want. I understand that would be a programming nightmare, but a man can dream can’t he?

I loved Detroit: Become Human way more than I thought I would. This really is this medium at it’s best, combining cinematic and video games, crafting a truly unique and everlasting experience. I hope there’s more of it someday.