The West Scares Me

I’ve been meaning to watch Ingrid Goes West for a really long time. I adore both Elizabeth Olsen and Aubrey Plaza. But as with everything on Netflix, I like the fact that it’s there, but I never watch anything. I finally got around to it, because it was either do something productive or slack and watch a movie instead. I’m glad I’m a massive procrastinator, because I liked this movie…half of it anyway.

The first half of this film made me think this was going to be one of my favourite movies ever. It was warm and funny. Everything I know Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen for was there in full force. One is kooky and zany, the other is a superstar. I ate it up! Seeing them on screen together, becoming close, having an adventure, I never wanted it to end.

I was so happy for Ingrid (Plaza), she was getting her wish, she was accepted by her idol. My favourite scene was when Taylor (Olsen) opened up to Ingrid, told her her dreams. Opened up about not being perfect, being a mess, which seems like the case for everyone the more that I grow up. But Ingrid disagreed, and I was like, “Awww, Taylor found her best friend.”

I kind of figured shit was gonna go sideways, but I was hoping they’d come together closer to deal with something, but nope. Ingrid’s douche bag brother, Nikki, came in an messed things up. Of course another privileged frat boy douche bag ruins it for everyone. I hate Nikki, not just in the movie but I mean all the Nikkis in the world.

His appearance changes the tone of the movie. Him questioning Ingrid having an actual boyfriend or not, makes Dan a central character. He’s a good character, but I would’ve preferred if the movie was about Ingrid and Taylor vs the world. I was really digging the advances in Ingrid’s character, she was being accepted, she was finding purpose, getting tons of followers. But Nikki showing up undercut all of that. Made her to feel like a loser and take away her joy and the joy of the audience for her.

That scene where Nikki blackmails her, I was hoping Ingrid would get the gun from the truck and shoot him. I feel like that was in her wheelhouse, and would’ve been satisfying for the audience to embrace and love her insanity. They still went with something different and insane for her response to the blackmailing, but it didn’t end well. It ended Ingrid’s relationship with Taylor. It made Taylor’s husband unlikable.

There was kind of a happy ending, but I wasn’t happy. I see what they went for, that the world is full of phony and fake people, especially in that world. Phones and social media can be dangerous in the wrong hands. The world of glam and partying. To that end, they succeeded, and there was an impactful movie. By the end I was like, DTA, don’t trust anybody. Man or woman stay away. Looks like I’m giving up finding a nice girl, cuz she’s probably gonna be fake like Taylor.

I was hoping for a different flick, one with less of a message. One where the loser zero with mental health issues can take a risk and pick herself up and come out the hero.

I love Aubrey Plaza, I love the character of Ingrid Thorburn, I can relate so much…minus the thousands of followers and the ability to drive. But I’m a loser who wouldn’t know how to do cocaine either. I loved that scene.