We Don’t Need 500 TV Streaming Sites

How many streaming services do you use? Whether it’s TV/movies, music, comics, you name it; how many do you use? As I said I want to write about things I like or love. And boy do I love the advent of streaming services. If you’re a hermit like me, you probably do too.

There’s so many sales I’ve missed, and things I didn’t go purchase because I have no interest in being in transit for 2 hours going to and from the mall. A)That’s a waste of time and B)There are a lot of douche bags in the city I’d prefer not to have to deal with unless I’m professionally obligated to.

So it’s great to listen to songs on demand through Spotify, and read comics through Comixology, and Netflix was a huge game changer! I love watching movies, but I hate the movie going experience. Is it just me or is there always someone having conversations during the movie, or putting their feet on my chair, or leaning into my space one way or another or the worst of course, spilling drinks or popcorn on me?

I’ve watched a lot of movies that I was on the fence about at the cinema which now I can just wait for it to hit Netflix…Or I could for a while, but with everybody getting into the game, that may not work out so well anymore.

Remember when Netflix was new and it was like “I can watch all of this for $8 a month?” That was the main draw. People have gone cordless because it makes financial sense to. But now, everyone wants a piece of the pie. There are already competitors out there which is fine, competition is good for consumers. But not when you have a million of these things.

We do not want to go back to the old day of having a million channels and a bill that wasn’t too far in price. I get that producers of the content figure they could make more if they started their own, but honestly, I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I don’t think people will buy 10 TV streaming services. I know I won’t.

I’ll get Disney Plus because they will have a huge library of content I love. But outside of what I can get from Netflix and Disney, I’ll either not watch it or stream it off an illegal site. And that’s what might happen. The turn here isn’t going to be everyone buys a dozen subscriptions to watch everything. If you dilute Netflix and Hulu by taking your content and starting you own, people likely won’t migrate to you, nor will they stick with Netflix if they don’t have worth while content. They’ll simply cut the cordless and jump on the pirate ship.

We don’t need 500 of these streaming sites for TV and movies. If you want to charge more for your content, negotiate that, but don’t think starting your own is going to be the win you’re hoping for.

Later Gator,