Prime Day Finally Not Trash

Every year I do a post on here highlighting the nonsense that Amazon tries to pawn off during it’s Prime Day. It’s usually things like 20% off hemorrhoid cream or something like that. It’s clearly an overstock dump.

But this year there were actually some decent stuff. I ended up getting some appliances for my brother’s new place at a decent price and a couple of protein powders for my other brother cuz he works out and isn’t a fatty like me, at a damn good discount (it was 15 dollars off). I also bought a couple things for myself that wasn’t on sale, but I got a couple coupons from Prime for whatever reason, but it saved me a few bucks.

I’m sure there were still a few dud items, but this was dubbed bigger than boxing day, and in years past that was a complete lie. Now however, with deals on PS4 bundles and TVs as headliners, it’s feeling more like boxing day in the summer. Good job Amazon, your Prime Day is no longer a huge joke.

Later Gator?