Gamble in the Dark

I miss the days when Netflix used to have written reviews from viewers, don’t you? Even though you can’t go 100% by what other people say, I know it always gave me a pretty good idea this thing sucked if 95% of people who reviewed thought it was horrible. But even if at the end of the day you don’t agree with the reviews, even if the movie makers don’t agree with the reviews, I think there’s information that’s potentially useful to somebody from these reviews.

If the common thread to thousands of people reviewing and they are judging using the same criteria, like they expect certain things from what they are watching. They are your paying audience, Netflix, you’re all about original content, gear your stuff towards their criteria. They could potentially be doing expensive research for free for you.

And even though I don’t care for a lot of internet people comments, I used to be a youtuber and holy crap their were definitely some vicious dicks, so there’s a part of me who is okay with not everyone’s voice being heard. Yet, I still don’t feel great about Netflix eliminating feedback. I’m not American, I don’t seemingly always bring up that  free speech is a constitutional right, but I’m Canadian and we have that, but we just don’t bring up the fact we have it as much. So it’s weird to me that a huge company like this decided to silence their customers.

But I think they just want to people to watch stuff and make up their own minds. But with free time being finite, I wouldn’t mind if someone saved me from wasting two hours watching some bullshit or even the hour I give it before I decide I can’t deal with it anymore.

Later Gator!