Special Massage

Hey hey, Here’s the newest episode of The Kenny Ho Show. This week talking about T. Swift and her special massage luvin’ bf splitting, Star Wars Battlefront, and Bruce Wayne’s new girl friend.… Continue reading

Just Had to Blog This

Hey what is up? If you’ve kept up with this blog, you know I’ve been on POF in the past. I go on time to time, after as much failure I have had… Continue reading

If Life Were a Movie

Hey, sup? A new episode of the podcast is up. It took forever to process on Soundcloud…weird. Have a listen won’t ya? Please and thank you. Kenny

Swifty Swoops into Skydome

First of all let me start by saying that it turns out tweenage girls seem to know every lyric to every top 40 song. I know of Shawn Mendes and have heard that… Continue reading


Hey hey, Here’s another episode of The Kenny Ho Show. Please check it out. thank you, take care Kenny

The Nerd of Might

Hi, how are you? Have you ever just jumped in head first without knowing what you were doing? I’m doing that with this video thing. I don’t really know how to do this,… Continue reading

Is Someone Dying for Science?

Hey there, wud up? Here’s another episode of the podcast in which my last post is related to. I had shouted out the blog and then I redid it cuz I didn’t like… Continue reading

DC F You

Just a couple months into DC rebooting the reboot, New 52 to DC You, 8 titles are getting cut. Sales must be poor on them, cuz some of them are going to be… Continue reading

Season 3 Take 2

Hey there, what, is, up? As you may have noticed, I’ve been on hiatus. I strayed from the path again and learned the hard way that one should never lose sight of their… Continue reading

POF Pet Peeve #4

I’ve been off POF for a while now. I don’t see the point after this long. But I just went on to browse and saw that someone looked at my profile, so I… Continue reading

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