My Heart Belongs to Felicity.

Start your day off with some nerd humour. Episode 33 of The Kenny Ho Show! It’s Show Time!!! Advertisements

A Big Team On the Small Screen

Here’s a cool rumour, Fox might be doing an X-Men live action television show. That’s a great idea! They should do it Agents of Shield style, have it connect to the movies but… Continue reading

Episode 32 – Raging Nerd

Hey hey, check out the newest episode of The Coolest Podcast EVER!! The Kenny Ho Show

Rush Hour on TV…BOOOOO

No one will be saying boourns on this one. What a horrible idea! No Jackie Chan or Chris Tucker means whatever this thing is, it’s not Rush Hour. You can turn a cruddy… Continue reading

Episode 31 – Still All About The Duff

Hey hey, if you want to be entertained in a nerdy way, give the podcast a listen!

Power Rangers Reboot

I’m so down for a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reboot. There are many things in the world that need no reboot (Robocop, you’re on my list). The power rangers is one I agree… Continue reading

The Kenny Ho Show EP 30 – The Big Three – O

The Kenny Ho Show EP. 29 – Dancing Frog.

Jet Packs

I just watched a video where some guys at Arizona State University have developed a jet pack. I’ve been complaining all summer that instead of learning to drive in downtown Toronto, where i… Continue reading

The Kenny Ho Show Episode 28

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