No More Happy Endings

Hey hey, Here’s more of the show, have a laugh…at my expense even…   Later Gator Kenny

Won’t Take My Pikachu

Hey hey, here’s EP 73 of the show. Check er out won’t cha? Thank you Later Gator Kenny

Famous for Nothing

Being famous for nothingĀ gets a lot of hate, and on one hand I agree but at the same time I’d kill to be famous for nothing. The Kardashians give this type of fame… Continue reading

This Can’t Be Good: Tetris Movie

  Every year there is a movie in the works that makes you scratch your head and wonder why. That movie this year is Tetris. Yes, that Tetris. The one you played in… Continue reading

Finn’s Secret?

Hey hey, here’s the newest episode of The Kenny Ho Show. Is Finn from Force Awakens hiding a huge “fabulous” secret? Find out on this week’s show. Toodles

Who Gives a F@%# About Supe’s Gramps?

I waste a lot of time, but this might be where I draw the line. Have you heard that SyFy is going forward with a pilot called Krypton, that will feature Kal-El’s grandfather?… Continue reading


Hey hey, Here’s a new episode of the show. Check er out!   Toodles Kenny


Hey hey, It’s a milestone episode for the show. Why is that? It sounds like you’ll have to tune in to find out. Toodles Kenny

K.Ho Vs The World

Hey hey, Brand new episode of the show is up. I get pretty angry talking about white washing, something that’s affected my life and career. Hopefully I come across like I know a… Continue reading

VR Gimmick or Revolution?

I remember when the Virtual Boy came out when I was a boy. I never got one, nor have I ever even played it. I remember it was red…even as a gullible kid… Continue reading

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