A Very K-Ho Christmas

Merry Christmas! Here’s a bit of Christmas cheer, Kenny Ho style! Enjoy! Kenny

Freedom 55

Hey hey, A new Kenny Ho Show is up. Later, Kenny

Fresh Prince of Gotham?

I just read an article on IGN, and there’s a rumour going around that Will Smith might be in the solo Batman film. If this thing is fo real, I’m out. Batfleck is… Continue reading


Hey, sup? I know you’ve been dying for more show…no? I stand corrected. Here it is any way. Later Gator! Kenny

Chasing the Dream

What is your dream in life? Do you know? Are you living it? Are you chasing it? How close are you? In the past I’ve walked away from chasing my dream of being… Continue reading

How Santa Lives

Hey hey, how’ve you been? Have you been wandering the wasteland as well? I’m taking a little break from my trip to write this. It just hit me, how does these fake Santa’s… Continue reading

The Spooky Scary Edition

Hey hey, it took a long time to post this. But here it is. Happy Halloween!! Kenny

Not Living The Nerdlife?

I may be a fraud. Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you read that in Vader’s voice? Maybe I’m not a total fraud. But after watching Comic Book Men, I’ve realized there are people who are far… Continue reading

Dead On The Inside

Hey hey, it’s another week, so here’s another episode of the show. Thanks for listening! Toodles Kenny

No Swifty Curse

There is no such thing as the Swifty curse…not even all the break ups. That’s not supernatural, she just dates douche bags. I’d never bought into it, nor did I care. I had… Continue reading

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