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Ravioli Squares

Hey hey, wud up? Here’s the newest episode of the show. Check er out!   Ga ga ga gay ghost!   Eat your heart out Black Friday! Amazon Prime deals are the way!

Episode 106 – Dear Bitch

I should start using this blog again. Here’s the new episode.     Notice how everyone is laughing except for that one chick!

Hannah Montana Forever I Guess

Who Said, who said Miley going to the darkside of the force to an extent that even The Emperor is like “Easy my young apprentice” meant that Hannah Montana was never gonna hit… Continue reading

The 2016 Spooky and Scary Edition

Hey hey, Happy Halloween! Not going out tonight? Me neither. Celebrate indoors at home with the podcast. Check er out!   Toodles Kenny


Hey hey, Brand new episode of the podcast. Check it out! Toodles Kenny

Black Black Heart

Hey hey, it’s time for a new episode of the show. Here you go!   Toodles Kenny

Tell Me Lies

Hey hey, It’s show time once again! Check er out! Toodles Kenny

Bizzaro Clone

Hey hey wud up! The newest episode of the podcast is here. Check er out! Thank you! Toodles Kenny

Chasing the Dream

What is your dream in life? Do you know? Are you living it? Are you chasing it? How close are you? In the past I’ve walked away from chasing my dream of being… Continue reading

How Santa Lives

Hey hey, how’ve you been? Have you been wandering the wasteland as well? I’m taking a little break from my trip to write this. It just hit me, how does these fake Santa’s… Continue reading

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