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CBC Wants To Go AD-Free

I love first world problems. Don’t you just love it when people find problems for themselves? “My life is going too well, let me see if I can’t find some drama.” Boom, now… Continue reading

Focus on Your Dreams, Not Your Problems

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent too much of your life focusing on your problems and not enough attention has been paid to your dreams. I used to spend hours at a… Continue reading

Fresh Prince of Gotham?

I just read an article on IGN, and there’s a rumour going around that Will Smith might be in the solo Batman film. If this thing is fo real, I’m out. Batfleck is… Continue reading

POF Pet Peeve #4

I’ve been off POF for a while now. I don’t see the point after this long. But I just went on to browse and saw that someone looked at my profile, so I… Continue reading

This Can’t Be Good

In a new on-going feature of The Kenny Ho Show blog, and possibly the actual podcast…if I ever get around to doing another one. This Can’t Be Good will focus on things that… Continue reading

POF Pet Peeve #3

Online dating…it’s fun…if you are an attractive woman. For everyone else it’s constant rejection and crushed dreams. Even though I’ve significantly lowered my standards, I’m still striking out. Which brings to me to… Continue reading

Happy Desperation Day!!

Ah yes, it’s here again. The eve of the saddest day on the calender. On this day all the lonely people in the world rush out there to the bars, flood POF, and… Continue reading

Christmas Eve

Happy Holiday! How are you? Is this a good time for you? Or not so much? If it’s good, than great, keep doing what you’re doing…unless what you’re doing is torturing other living creatures…if… Continue reading

Ultra Combo Super Quantum Deluxe Size Holiday Episode

The year flew by, and here we are again, it’s the holidays. It’s Christmas eve. It’s time for another Holiday Episode of The Show. It’s my most ambitious episode to date. I kinda… Continue reading

Love Triangles Suck Ass

A tale as old as time, boy meets girl, who then meets another boy. It’s never boy meets girl who meets another girl; I’m up for that show! No, rather it’s always these… Continue reading

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