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Future of Star Wars

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, there were 3 movies that changed the world forever. A few decades later they made 3 more movies that most people hated and almost… Continue reading

Kinder and Gentler Kenny Ho Show

Hey hey, wud up? It’s show time. Enjoy! Toodles Kenny

Virtual Mouse Trap

It’s show time, let’s go! Lator Gator Kenny

No More Happy Endings

Hey hey, Here’s more of the show, have a laugh…at my expense even…   Later Gator Kenny

Finn’s Secret?

Hey hey, here’s the newest episode of The Kenny Ho Show. Is Finn from Force Awakens hiding a huge “fabulous” secret? Find out on this week’s show. Toodles

K.Ho Vs The World

Hey hey, Brand new episode of the show is up. I get pretty angry talking about white washing, something that’s affected my life and career. Hopefully I come across like I know a… Continue reading

Order 66

Hey hey, I did another episode of the show this week. I go over the rogue one teaser. Have a listen!   Toodles Kenny

Batman or Superman?

The ultimate debate, Batman or Superman? Who is the better character? Who do you prefer? I give my two cents in the latest episode of the show. Enjoy!    

AKA The Show

Hey Hey, here’s a new episode of the show for you!

Freedom 55

Hey hey, A new Kenny Ho Show is up. Later, Kenny

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