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Hey hey, Brand new episode of the podcast. Check it out! Toodles Kenny

Preety and Wurth it

Hey hey, The new episode is up. Have a listen and enjoy! Later Gator Kenny

No More Happy Endings

Hey hey, Here’s more of the show, have a laugh…at my expense even…   Later Gator Kenny

Who Gives a F@%# About Supe’s Gramps?

I waste a lot of time, but this might be where I draw the line. Have you heard that SyFy is going forward with a pilot called Krypton, that will feature Kal-El’s grandfather?… Continue reading

Schwing Schwing

Hey Hey, It’s Kenny here with the show. Check it out. Toodles

Supergirl. Love It!

It just hit me today. I’ve waited about half my life to get this. Well I wanted a movie, but I’ll settle for Supergirl every week, in her very own show. YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! I… Continue reading

Stretching Thin?

Do you watch Arrow? The Flash? Will you be watching Supergirl when it airs in the fall? Here’s the thing, all those shows are from one man. Greg Berlanti. Arrow continues to be… Continue reading

Wrist Deep

Hey there, Here we go again! It’s Show Time!! Kenny

Supergirl is Cast

Finally!!!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. I love Supergirl. I have all the comics, some toys, and incredible fondness for her. Once upon a time there was a… Continue reading

New Year, Same Old Kenny

The coolest podcast ever is back for more! It’s Show Time, Let’s go! Kenny

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