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Not So Super

I remembered I had a blog last night. I guess I should use it. I had heard they were doing this and I didn’t really get excited. Superman is my favourite superhero ever,… Continue reading


Hey hey, Brand new episode of the podcast. Check it out! Toodles Kenny

Metal Gear Flabby

Hey hey, How are you? Hope you are well. Your day is about to get better…or worse with a new episode of the show. Check er out!     Toodles!   Kenny

Who Gives a F@%# About Supe’s Gramps?

I waste a lot of time, but this might be where I draw the line. Have you heard that SyFy is going forward with a pilot called Krypton, that will feature Kal-El’s grandfather?… Continue reading

Up and Atom!

If you told me five or six years ago, Brandon Routh was about to get his own TV show based on a DC character. I would jump for joy, because it sounded like… Continue reading

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