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2 and A Half F@#&$ Wasted

For the last few months, it had been hinted at that Charlie Sheen was returning to the show he left 4 years ago on such horrible terms. If you are like me, you… Continue reading

Hell Freezing Over?

It’s how cold out there? I don’t know the exact temperature, but I believe the scientific term for this is freeze your balls off type of weather. I don’t know what it’s like… Continue reading

Love Triangles Suck Ass

A tale as old as time, boy meets girl, who then meets another boy. It’s never boy meets girl who meets another girl; I’m up for that show! No, rather it’s always these… Continue reading

Goosebumps: The Movie…Kenny: Will Pass

This movie is one of those movies that should not exist! Whether it will flop or not depends on how many jabronies live on the planet Earth. You’re basing it on a series… Continue reading

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